Wood forging for the world

So… if you allowed people to forge wood packs… would it be that bad? Even if you had a lower Ruby price plus actual wood in storage in order to forge…
People pretty much only build 12 hr speed ups in forge right now… to prepare for build events… now if you had the option to build lumber some could build speed ups some could build lumber… it could consolidate team coordination. People could not make a farm because it would show up just the same for everyone so if they did everyone would be able to hit it.
But… I know lower levels are swimming in speed ups but not wood… it might be a way for lower levels to gain quicker to experience the full force of war dragons allure while not distabelizing the world in general.
From a financial aspect… if someone has speed ups but no wood they will coin… if someone has wood but no speed ups… they will coin… so why not?

Plus wouldn’t it be epic if someone built a farm… popped like 800k lumber then jumped on to their real account only to find that someone had snaked it lol

There’s a few threads like this already actually

Do they address pg underlying issue of making money? I dunno

You dunno because you haven’t read them. Add your ideas there instead.


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