Wood hunting , enlighten me please

Like i would say 100%(yes am i that unlucky?) of the time , those who players on queue with … example

40k lumber 100 food
66k lumber 3k food
100k lumber 0 food

You know… lumber being significantly higher than the food… after my attack i get 0 lumber.

Before I attack I always check if player is online or not.

So is it possible that multiple players attack “that” player at the same time and got all food till protection cap? Like I cant think of any reason how is this thing going on , i also check if player is online after a minute or 2 after my attack just for clarification but no… so its possible that He/she log on after getting notif of being raided , xfers rss then log off? Or is it a wood protection bug?

These little things kinda annoying cuz its waste of heal pots :rage:. Ive burned around 150 heals this event it should be 20 of those was the scenario above.

It means they have protection on. NEVER EVER raid anyone with lots of wood and no food.

Raid only these:
Same wood and food
Less wood than food
Wood slightly more than food

If the person is online, then you can risk a high wood no food base as they may be hunting or had wood sent to them. Otherwise avoid like the plague.


So PG should fix this. Its very deceiving. Ive been ignoring this shit for the longest time and never bothered ssking about it. Cuz it doesnt make sense , if its protected then why show it as a tease . :face_vomiting:

I used to have maxed food during fort, even during boost.
Should I deplete it like the others?
That way, noone will raid me due to such suspicion :grin:

And before anyone ask, I have no wood atm.


It’s not deceiving at all. It’s just not understanding the mechanics of the game. @CaptainCheap just gave away a prime strategy for hunting during feed/build events. Follow it and you shouldn’t have any problems.

And I’ll share another nugget based on the information above - want to “protect” more food/wood than your storage is able to? Then don’t hold on to any resource of the opposite of which is needed for the event. Gives the impression that the remaining resource is protected and greatly decreases the likelihood of being attacked.

Nah, i have my thang with keeping my wood safe. And sir You can call it mechanics in game but you can’t say and sound like “hey its a mechanic of the game, it should be a common info “, ive been playing for a year and this info was never told to me nor can be found in guides, is this an important info to be shared ? It should…

Good news guys, all you have to do is transfer all your meat till you have nearly having 0, and players should think that they cant get anything from you, lmao. This is BS. It should be fixed.

Its funny you call it not deceiving, but youre giving me advice to trick and deceive players lol.

@CaptBuckRogers @CaptainCheap
Ty for shedding some light.

im showing most of the time around 100k lumber 100k food. i store most of the time 500k of both rss / but thats all protected cause i have food/wood boost online… :see_no_evil:

guess most of players do that

Also check if the player is upgrading the storage hut. If it’s upgrading it is less likely they will have a protection boost on

How can you check if their storage is upgrading?

I got this tip from @RoyalPayneWife

In the attack screen before starting the attack, switch it to tactical view. The first image is upgrading while the second image is not

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For what it’s worth, I just hit a target with 120k wood / 8k food showing for the payout and got 140k wood. I’ve done similar things throughout the event.

Being conscious of protection is good. Being conscious of what storage protection offers you at various levels is better. It’ll vary, but the general rule is:

If they show a pretty good amount of wood and no food, don’t attack; it’s protected.
It they show an amazing amount of wood, go steal it.

The attack screen shows how much of a resource the player has. The food/wood production and protection boost protects a portion of that resource from being stolen. So, per the description, it can be seen but not stolen.

The only unfortunate part is that you’ve been on a team for a year without anyone sharing this information with you. Most game mechanics in war dragons are not explicitly explained, however experienced players have learned them through playing the game. A good team uses its experienced players to pass down this acquired knowledge to newer members, so the entire team benefits.

Yes in my video of my tops 10 tips and tricks I got over how you can find if someone is not protecting their lumber the easiest way! Thanks @Cloak for the mention!

Here is my video link…

Beginners Guide To War Dragons! (Ep 9) Top 10 Tips & Tricks

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