Wood missions this weekend

like reallly probably 15 in a row

There’s actually a word or term for this, like when you learn a new word and then all of a sudden hear it around everywhere. I’ll go look it up.

Edit: https://www.damninteresting.com/the-baader-meinhof-phenomenon/

And okay, so it doesn’t exactly match this situation, but it’s pretty close. You probably don’t notice wood missions outside of fort event bc they’re so easy. Now it’s painfully apparent when they show up.


Only thing worse is a food mission during feeding :joy::joy::joy:


That is nothing, I have request to do 60 arrows follow by 28 arrow and other arrow mission in a row. It was seem ridiculous to find a good base to finish those missions

… how many archers do you have on your base?

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ummm no i do notice just not like 15 back to back to back

Use “EggMission” on XPfarmsLooseX1. Has 8 archers. Lvl 84.

currently, 5 but lower than level 20
the mission is now spread more evenly. I had this kind of problem in the past so much that I decide to put 10 level 1 arrow in front of my base for anyone need as well as lure them to attack me :smile:

Try to control your base towers as they directly effect your missions. Read a bit about it below :upside_down_face:


So, noticing a trend mech, but it seems like the rss missions occur more regularly during events where said rss is heavily used. Maybe the trigger for it is the zeplin seeing low rss X there for gather rss X. So during fort events, it sees low lumber and increases probability of a lumber mission, where during feeding events it sees low food and does the same?

Pro Tip: Sending lumber/food from the Atlas bank counts as rss egg token mission.

:exploding_head: :thinking:

Woah. Really. :exploding_head:

I look forward to getting Atlas some day and testing this myself… Though I bet the team would frown on me doing rss transfers just to clear egg missions so I don’t have to add another dragon to the roster when farming egg tokens :joy: Don’t think a lvl 1 ember can clear a base that has sufficent rss to complete those sorts of missions lmao

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