Woohoo it’s a good day when

I don’t have to sign-in to get to the forum via game app. It’s a good day.


I agree this started happening to me a few weeks ago as well

I’ve had this problem twice. I’ve tried logging in, but it doesn’t work (I do have a pocket ID, but I made it over 2 years ago and haven’t had to use the password). After I report it to the help people, it magically fixes itself (but doesn’t seem to stay fixed). I’m assuming your talking about what is in the screenshot below.

This happened to me so I wrote a ticket… they actually told me how to fix it…I don’t remember what the fix was though lol :joy:

They just told me the standard uninstall reinstall message lol.

When my level 1 Ember gets picked for both the 20 hr and 4 hr missions. :heart_eyes:


That’s it. I stopped going on the forum for a few days because it was a pained. Then boom, it got fixed.

Don’t keep him in your lineup, especially overnight.

Why not? Easy missions if you have a level 1 ember. No heals and a few death gazes on freexp280 and you have the damage. He is in my lineup forever.

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It seemed like they were complaining about having to use a puny dragon to do missions. If not then I misunderstood. Disregard, nothing to see here.

Ember is not puny. He is awesome sauce :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Soft shell taco. Mild sauce.

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