Work as Team? Can’t if u keep banning people from tc!

I’ve been seeing a lot of this lately! Many people are getting team chat banned? So I am wondering why and how on gods green earth are we to work as a team? I know 4 to 5 people that are team chat banned and that’s only the people I know of so please tell me what’s the point when many that got team chat banned didn’t even post bad things in team chat yet you mute them what is the reason behind it? Is it to push them out the door? You turn there super active to inactive because they can not type in team chat? Are you trying to push them out the door because the folks getting muted across are 500+ it is totally not right at all

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Get them to send tickets and send their number to @PGGalileo to look at


There does not need to be any ticket numbers as pg not support are the ones who are banning multiple people from using team chat heck even my husband has got a tc mute and many more along with that which is crazy when you have to be on a team for event’s but can’t talk to your teammates

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I would not purse this further. They are banned for a reason and I think they are all happy.


Then they should make all events solo events would u not say so?

You have to understand there is a reason for this, and if not make a ticket. If you really want to talk, a lot of teams have Line


Still facts are this if events are team events they should atleast have there team chat I know only my husbands reason and it was from the forums not In game and if you take a team chat why only have team events? Just because there is line does nothing when raids and such are done there

Understand, there is a reason this has happened. If they can’t take the punishment, they shouldn’t have done whatever it was they did
Again, if there was no reason to ban them from speaking then have them submit a ticket.


Well in my husbands case he stated his opinion got the boot from forums to in game :woman_shrugging:t3:And now he won’t let me spend shit either which it’s still a wrong thing to do if all the events are team associated

Do u not think tickets are done? Honestly they are all being ignored

If it’s been multiple days and no response from support, do what @FieryxFury said and give Gal the ticket numbers.


So I should get all 5 of theses tickets just to send when pg jerad told me already he will not discuss with a 3rd party what makes a difference if it is another pg member when jerad is the top dog and the boss and won’t even discuss my husbands case either as I’m sure he can see same IP address as they had made a mistake in banning me when they banned his account from the forums last time!

I think if they can and want to ban from team chat my suggest is make events where it can be done solo it is only right

If they got banned, it’s for a reason. Whether you know it or not. And if they have committed a bannable offense, PG won’t tell you why for privacy reasons. Just accept the fact and stop whining on the forums.


I wonder what level are you and what league you are in?

So… the entire game should change to accommodate people that have made bannable offenses… mhm, makes sense.


Perfect idea 10/10


D1, apparently. :thinking: I remember her now.

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… If the ban is unjust the game should change.

… If the practice being applied is wrong it should be changed. This is obvious surely.

I have no idea what these folk did but as for the game changing yes it should for the nth backtrack in recent memory if the reaction is excessive

Well, that’s because what he said was disrespectful. Trust me, I know what he said.