Work as Team? Can’t if u keep banning people from tc!

Sounds like a forum ban is what is warrented there then. Why would a ban from team chat be appropriate?

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Don’t ask me. :man_shrugging:t2:

Lol… Can’t argue with that… Seems a bit like the old

It’s my ball and I’m going home.


Level seems to be irrelevant to how they “should” be treated. If they’ve done something bad enough to be banned from chat their level has no bearing.

I’ve never played with anyone that’s been banned from chat and I’ve been in teams with some pretty obnoxious people so that’s pretty telling to me. Actions have consequences.


Would this have been a certain rant about making fun of suicide and attacking castle memorials? If so then he got off easy with just the chat and forum bans. Should have been a game ban for the crap that was said

If you do something to get chat banned then you deserve the punishment. It’s their problem to figure out how to deal with it. Use Line chats, create a group chat, drop down to a low activity gold team

Because it is a punishment and not meant to be what is convenient for the offender? Forums or in game, it’s still a violation of the game’s ToS so they lose their chatting priviliages all around. Plus I’d bet if they post offensive crap on the forums then there’s probably a history of it in game too


Lol… You would bet… Sounds like proof.

I know who her husband is - the ban was definitely just.


I have no idea who the are or what they posted.

I do however think bans should be specific to where the offence was committed.

Just my opinion.

There are many things said that cause offence about as many as there are folk going around looking to be offended

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I agree that many people find different things offensive, but I’m pretty sure that literally no one will disagree that this person deserved a ban over what he said - and that’s quite a statement, considering it’s a rare sight for people to agree on the forums.


Wasn’t your husband the guy who laughed at suicide? :woman_facepalming: seriously.


Prince got muted? I’m so shocked! :crazy_face:


Well if the team is still willing to play with them, maybe banning them from all public channels and forums would be good enough.

If the offense is big enough to the point pg does not want the player to communicate with their team, maybe an account ban would make more sense.

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What he gor banned from team chat aswell
Trust me his ban is justified


I’ve seen a lot of people do and say some very questionable stuff. Period. If he got banned it was for a good reason and it should stay that way. Period. Period.


Why would I trust you?

A random on a forum… Really

Forums never lie. Take it from dad. Forums always right.


Great then we should expect a buff for danav

Yes absolutely, I’ll start working on it asap!


Lol what differance will you working on it make?

Similar to an extra carrot in the soup