Worldmap error not on team

I am very new to Atlas. I e been on two teams with it, and I’m unable to move regions to my new team’s castle— or attack and gain glory. It gives me an error of “worldmap error: not on team” and I can’t figure out why this is happening.


Nope… did you just join new team?

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Did you try to move your prim and then attack? Sometimes you have to hit “move” a few times. Could be a device issue. My old phone couldn’t support atlas at all.

I’ve been on this team for a month and it hasn’t gotten better.

Currently stuck at a neutral castle. I can attack things close to me but I cannot move at all.

Since the update things have been out of whack. I believe support is off for the holidays so they won’t answer. If you have a POCKE ID redownload the game.

I just tried, did not work.

My teammate had the same problem. I think he said he summoned another primarch? After that he could move.

My issue has been resolved.

I contacted Devs and spoke to Kristopher. He essentially removed all the troops from my Primarch (I only have one) and in doing so deleted it. I resummoned it and I respawned at my team’s castle. I can now move and attack once again. Why does this error happen? Not a clue.

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