WorldStars hunting down new stars

LFM – plat 1– WorldStars – level 100+


Language: Prefer english and or Spanish
Time Zone: Any is fine :slight_smile:
Played time: Long enough to at least have an idea of what the game is
Age Range: Doesnt matter
Elite Account?: Not going to tell you how to spend your money


We’re an active team thats on the hunt for new stars! We have 5 castles in atlas so players active in atlas is kind of a must. You must be willing to help defend the castle(s) when under attack and train troops! We strive for 8/8 when it comes to events but usually get to 7/8, we have a few slackers that fall just short of the last team reward when it comes to points. Be willing to talk in team chat! We dont bite, that hard…well a few people might just make sure your booster shots are up to date.
If something pops up in real life, please take care of that first. Real life should ALWAYS come first, just please let someone in leadership know that you wont be on for X amount of days. Its just common courtesy right?

But most importantly, we ask that you guys do try to have fun. Its a game for crying out loud, meaning DO NOT bring drama into the team. Drama=no fun

:fire:IF WE ARE FULL AND YOU STILL WANT TO JOIN! Message someone in leadership and well see what we can do! :fire:


Were still looking for fill some holes if anyone is interested. Just a small note though, we do a little background check on you. So again atlas active people only, well know if youre not, cause we need people that know what theyre doing.

If you have any questions PLEASE reach out to either myself or any of my fellow members of leadership. Well help answers your questions to the best of out abilities.