Worst customer support?

Guess what? This thread isn’t about PG!

I’ve been dealing with Epic Games (of Fortnite “fame”) and their customer support is by far the worst! They even have a F rating with the BBB because of it.

Anyway else ever have to deal with them?

LOL, I’ve actually had great responses from Epic’s support. It started off rocky, but they fixed the issue in the end to my satisfaction :man_shrugging:

PG’s rating to the BBB isn’t any Better. I’ll give PG credit here though, their support tries to help for most things. Unfortunately their support isn’t very knowledgeable and like most PG employees they don’t know the game at all.


Guess it’s hit and miss. PG has been quite responsive to my tickets at least. Epic Games not so much - 24+ hours can go by without a response. I’ve read online of some people waiting weeks to hear back from Epic CS and the BBB complaints are pretty much dominated by that.

PG has definitely gotten better with the canned responses. Epic clearly uses the same canned response. I have 3 open tickets with them with 3 different agents and they all sound the same. In all cases, I explained the steps I had taken to get the issue resolved and of course, their first recommendation is for me to what I already told them I did smh

Not sure what to make of this but a lot of other gaming companies have similar problems. Is it outsourcing? not enough interest working in the gaming CS service department? Back in the day you could call up CS and speak with an agent. Now its all done via email.

Yes and Yes. Plus more I’m sure

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