Worst movie you have seen/book you have read lately?


Let’s help our fellow players out by recommending what movies NOT to watch.

I’ll start with…

The Netflix original movie, “How It Ends”

I’d spoil it for you, but seriously, there’s nothing to spoil. Do not waste your time. Even with that cast, and actually great acting, the movie itself…waste of time. It really leaves you wondering… how it ends.


I don’t have a worst movie yet but I have a worst book: The Death Collector


Jupiter Ascending isn’t all that recent but it is… atrocious. I don’t hate many things—especially movies—but damn… that is one awful film. :t_rex:


Books too! Let’s hear it!


I’ll put more books that I consider the worst when I remember more of them


There was this one movie … I forget the name. A friend promised that I’d like it but it was weird. It had a pet cemetary and a guy and a girl and a lot of cussing. :thinking:


I just watched “Justice League” on HBO. I’m glad I didn’t waste money in it, but I regret those two hours I’ll never get back.


Oh, I’ve thought of a worse one—Suicide Squad… I cane out of the theater (yes, I saw it in theaters… leave me alone) wishing I could go back in time. It was truly awful. :t_rex:


Honestly I hate watching horror movie or read a horror books. Specially vampire :vampire:‍♀


It hasn’t been lately but one of the worst movies I’ve seen is “Kung Fu Dunk” I was lucky that I watched it on Netflix instead of paying additional money to see it. My only regret is not stopping that movie sooner. It was truly awful and a terrible waste of time. Lukily though I think I was doing something else while watching the movie so it wasn’t a 100% complete waste of time. (It was still awful. You shouldn’t watch it. I tried to warn you.)


Most sequels to be honest, there are some good ones but oml they never live up to the originals.


The Covenant: You will have no idea who is who, or who is on whose side, or what is going on and the ending makes 0 sense.
The Devil: 2 hours you will never get back. 5 people get in a elevator and one of them is the devil (it’s the old lady) and basically the entire movie is everyone sharing their boring life stories and freaking out while the devil kills them all.
Transformers: The Last Knight: full of explosions, and characters appearing out of nowhere, 0 plot development, and a whole mess of “huh? What’s going on?”

I know that was 3 :grin:


Pet Semetary last night at work. Wow! Glad I wasn’t getting paid to watch it🤦🏻‍♂️


A 2003 movie titled, “Open Water”. I was so PO’d walking out the theater feeling like they should have paid me to watch it and not the other way around.


Recently watched Batman vs Superman at home when it came on tv. I was so bored

Edit to add that it features the worst Batman ever , my god I lived through the 90s


Pet Sematary or the OG Blair Witch Project


Lately? Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom was pretty bad, as was The First Purge

Book wise, since I liked the show I tried reading The Strain but couldnt get through it, it was so boring.


I haven’t seen the new Jurassic World but I sure have low expectations. I just want to see some cool-looking dinosaurs, y’know? And Chris Pratt :stuck_out_tongue: :t_rex:


It supposed to be a horror movie,but it wasn’t scary
Story line was weird and I regret about 2 hours time,which I lost


Lol, Pratt looked good. The rest was pretty dumb. This whole humans and dinosaurs teaming up to fight super dinosaurs is pretty ridiculous. Im sure in the 3rd one they’ll be riding them and you’ll have dinosaurs operating tech, mission impossible style :crazy_face::crazy_face::crazy_face: