Would auto translate work in WD?

I have played some games with auto translate. Do you think it would be possible to add something like this to WD? Would it be beneficial?

Not really

The only translation works is with GBoard. But it only allow you to translate what you want to say into another language, but not the other way around though

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I like the system the mobile final fantasy game has, it translates both ways. That was really my favorite part of the game. Lol

I think that while it may be a bit useful it might cause a lot of problems if there was a mistranslation and people were misunderstood

I kick around implementing it every now and then.


Other forums posts have been made/included this already. Please use the search function to see if the topic you want to create has already been discussed.

Edit: press below link to see one

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I did search before I posted this. The suggestion were the scan and go app and google translate. I use google, but because you can only copy in mail it makes it difficult to translate from chat.

I posted this on the other thread @pgCampusLifer

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