Would it be possible to add an instance area for atlas pvp


Sometimes it is difficult to find someone near your level to battle for glory in Atlas. Have you the designers considered adding an instance area that would allow people to match up with people of their level say plus or minus 10 levels? I have seen this in other games and it seems to work well. I love many aspects of the game, I just wanted to put this out there.

I think many would like to be able to match up for glory against people close to their level.

Dragon Tier Restricted Zones (Atlas)

No go hit a castle! Or hit in nml


Likely the high level players would not be interested in this, but it would benefit many under 200 that are constantly hit by people 100-200 levels above them.


This is a good idea. Although I don’t have many choices of targets to hit on Atlas because there’s such a wide expanse of land. So this would definitely help.


Then they simply don’t enter the arena.
It would be a good idea for those who had strong bases for their level or strong dragons.

I for one really like the idea but i’m also not going to say it’s the first time i’ve heard of it


Thank you for taking the time to respond.


So you want matchmaking for atlas?


Not matchmaking.

To enter you “ante” troops. (this may be the fact that you have to have X troops and you lose up to the limits [7.5k/25k], or you want to ante 1000 troops per battle, TBD)
You are automatically matched up against a player ±5% of your player level (nameless and teamless so you don’t know who it actually is). You can’t back out of the battle or it’s an automatic forfeit of your troops (also consider that this needs high security to prevent others from kicking you from the battles)

You fly their base
They fly yours
(possibly repeat so you each fly twice or three times or maybe this is an option you can select? Or a rematch button?)

For each battle you earn glory based on how well you do attacking vs defending.
You each have the same amount of attacks and defends.
You obtain revives as per usual.

It’s a way for players to show off their dragons/bases for their level, as well as let players obtain glory without repercussions of Diamond/Sapphire level teams coming to wipe them out due to a few hits here or there.


This actually sounds really fun.

Its like chat roulette for dragons.


Hahaha or it’s like ranked battlegrounds or arenas that are part of other games :slight_smile:

It prevents butthurt and rewards efficient progress/skilled flying rather than just throwing money on the ground to pass someone’s level.


I’ve never played any other games like that, though I mostly play offline PS4 games.


First one that comes to mind


Yes! That would be a great addition to the game, thank you for stating it so well!


What if we had a type of land where people could go and fight and it was owned by no man?

(I’m being facetious, but it seems like NML with tighter glory bands would be a poor man’s implementation of this. I do think Mech’s version of it is clearly superior, but until the tech is there, NML with tighter glory bands seems to be a pretty ok stopgap solution.)

  1. This would be solo, no vanguard backups to stomp you (aka more fair)
  2. This would be anonymous. No retaliations or hateful intent
  3. It would be automatic, no backing out from fights, no pairing up against only the weakest bases. Would be luck of the draw
  4. They could adjust glory/troops/revives however they want there. It would be a completely separate thing that wouldn’t involve politics or hitting other teams etc. They should of course make it less of an incentive than hitting castles for take over, but not by too much.

HUGE benefits over a skirmish in NML


Backup glory scaling and tighter glory bands just independently need to happen, and they’d make NML a lot closer to this. (Since I think 2-4 are not quite as strong points, though they do have positive benefit.)

Definitely agree that it’s better than NML, though!


How about rider glory?


What about it? You would earn it as per usual in the instance


I mean, during the matchup, the first will have the advantage, since


Well you would have to set it up as X amount of troops available per run.

So your run you would have X troops ante’d in
For their run everything would reset to the same X amount

So it wouldn’t matter who went first