Would it be possible to add an instance area for atlas pvp


I think this is a great idea. I really hope PG will consider it- or the Kingpin event, or other Atlas PVP event- really any alternative to getting glory. lol

Choices are good.


Great idea
I really hope PG does this.


Looking to dominate that 250-300 zone? :rofl:


Plus you couldn’t get wiped out by another while flying only to get nothing. (I assume?)

Sounds good to me. :+1:


That sounds very interesting.

What about the defence aspect though? Disable defence by teammates to keep it fair?


Yep. Would be only you defending and only you attacking :upside_down_face:


I really hope this happens (I know it won’t but still :joy:)


No looking for a way to allow players to get glory with others near their level.


:rofl: firstly wasn’t talking to you, and secondly this thread is so old…


instead of matchmaking they could put some of that useless NML to use and turn them into official glory spots that each have a level range and you can only move there if you fall within that range. Basically set up dozens of Aliganes but with level restrictions and maybe a minimum troop requirement


That doesn’t have the anonymity that an instance would have. And would risk retaliation. It also would be first come first serve for glory and speed would matter and your higher teammates could join and guarantee rock your people you are attacking.

I’m definitely against that just because it incorporates part of the rules. Part of the rules in this case might be worse than no rules at all


I’m all for an instant. Just recently I attacked a team that we’re allied with (not 5ta) Just glory hunting.


Is there any reason at all that you couldnt easily not allow teammates joining or defending? I’ve never once had an issue with retaliation at Aliganes, just the horrible, god awful lag and all the high levels hitting lower levels but if it was an issue then I guess they could also block out names in these zones as well.

Also there is more than enough wasted NML out there to have multiple spots for each level range


Sounds like a really good idea, and something atlas really needs. Noticed over the last season and this one so far that it’s getting harder to find glory.

Castle attacks are so political and infrequent that they just about don’t happen. So just leaves NML, which as others have said is frustrating. Spending 1/2 an hour to an hour trying to find anyone that is not 1. 100s lvls larger, 2. Has more than one troop, 3. Is actually there and not a ghost from the lag loading the atlas maps, 4. Is still there when your primarch gets there. Most times it’s just give up and dump a primarch in NML and come back later.

Something like this would give something to do in atlas other than fly invader bases for xp/gold, and rebuilding troops for their next trip to NML to die, a loop that’s getting a bit repetitive.


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