Would like to bring back abraxxus breeding eggs


Hey everyone, I was advised I have to reach out to the community to get votes on bring back certain things, I was wondering who would vote to bring back abraxxus who didnt get a chance to get him, I advised them they could even do a weekly thing with certain events to earn it or pay for it whoever wants to do what, any ideas please let me know thanks

Selling color ball upgrades
Past Season Drags
Dragon finishing
White Evolution Stone/Mythic Divine Infinite Evolving

They’ve said a million times, they won’t bring back past divines.

I’m against it, cause then they wouldn’t be limited or season specific.


No, do not bring back seasonal dragon evolution stones. Please.


If they were to bring back past seasons stones, abraxxas would be the last one I would ask for


Abraxxas is AWFUL. Trust me, you lucked out in missing him. I’m no big fan of warriors, but Abraxxas is the worst of the worst of the worst.
He makes a serviceable perch warmer, though.


No thanks :-1:


I am against removing past items with no hope of them returning. Its so Disney! It gives long timers bragging rites, but if you’ve never heard of the game til recently, you are forever shut out and that’s a game killer for completionists. Besides, the game keeps track of your start date so there’s all the bragging rites old-timers need. So, bring back abraxxus so we can determine for ourselves whether or not she’s a waste of time or resources.


No. if you miss a dragon in a season, learn the lesson and plan better next time. No need to bring it back again


That’s a really messed up attitude. Not everyone can invest the time required to complete a season. Some events are more difficult to achieve than others. For instance, the last event, Tug of War I believe it was, was so iffy on notifications that I missed almost all of it. Plus, to gain team benefits, you are almost assured to not complete the season with a newly made team. Especially if you end up with too many inactives. Its almost a given that, for a new player, many seasonal dragons will be lost.

I wouldn’t mind if I had to wait until the season returns to continue on with the progress I’d already achieved in that particular season last year, but dropping a dragon permanently is a poor custom.


If they’re going to bring back past divines, then what would be the point of having season trees?

Make it so the season never ends, the sigils aren’t season specific, and you choose a divine to work on. Once you complete it, to whatever the highest tier is for that specific divine, then you can start on another one, and not until then. The mythics could still be linked to having all of the divines that are prerequisites for them however.

I think that idea, I’d go for that. But bringing back a specific divine, for a limited time, is a bad idea. If you are gonna open it up, open them all up, indefinitely.


Well yes, not just Abaxxus, but any older dragons that have been discontinued. They should be available to all.
I can understand certain “achievement” issues, for instance, if you were involved in a certain beta run, you might be awarded a dragon that is only for those who participated in that beta, but seasonal dragons should not be removed. If you work your buns off and even spend cash to achieve a certain dragon but fall short just as the season ends only to find that dragon is gone forever? That would put me in a mind to dump the game. If I have to wait 'til the next time that season started up, that would be perfectly fine. I just have to wait for the caledar to come around to finish what I couldn’t complete last time.


they prolly will eventually, rarely do games not bring back old content. just gotta give it time.


You guys are absolutely correct then it wouldn’t be a divine, awesome input thanks everyone. Didn’t look at it that way.


The point of limited time release branches is to push people to plan for them. If the branches suddenly become “oh we might bring these back later” then what would be the point in people pushing to finish, in people spending. As a business model, it is a poor poor choice.

A free player cannot and should not be able to get everything. A low level free player certainly not. Sorry.


Sorry Red, I’m sure you are following all of PG’s various streams of information, and it seems as if they are leaning towards bringing back previous divines, contrary to what they have been saying, constantly, in the past. But what else is new, right?


Well the day they start bringing back season divines or their stones is the day I stop investing in seasons honestly.


Actually, it’s not a bad business model at all. If done right.

If they only cater to the big spenders, they will lose all the casual non spenders. The best business model can balance both of those crowds.

The spenders will always spend to get the new content first. To get the new shiny all powerful dragon. That’s their allure.

For your non spending base, they are seriously lucky to finish one tree a season. So it isn’t like they are just coming up short of getting the extra dragon for finishing all three regular trees.

An idea I’ve floated before was when each new season comes around to reopen the previous season(s) dragons, to allow people to go back and complete old ones if they want. What does it hurt the big spender who is getting new dragons which can get to obsidian if someone goes back and finishes a dragon to sapphire or garnet? It shouldn’t. But, you have very satisfied customers who can spend extra sigils on old favorites or get new dragons.

As for old divines, divide them up between the seasons and allow people to complete them if they want.

I’m a completionist and it’s frustrating to not be able to complete dragons I have. On top of that, I’m super organized and I’m tired of these unfinished dragons I can’t use being on my list of dragons to swap for. Make better filters or let me finish them! And btw, I’m much more likely to spend money to complete something.

Despite some spenders objections, PG is missing a potential player base that would pay. And it’s incinsequential to the current spenders who get everything now. They will still do so.


Who says it’s spenders who are objecting?

I do this every season plus about half of another at minimum. More if there’s multiple things that interest me. I don’t spend. It’s probably true that non spenders who aren’t high activity have difficulty completing a branch but how are these people going to continue getting new dragons AND finish old ones?

I’m less against rereleasing season drags than the older divines (I will fight people over those) but I’d much rather they all be left alone. It would really devalue divines even more


Shimo hit the nail on the head. :heart:

If you’re an active player, you can get one dragon to a usable evolution to help for for multiple months to come. Let me use my free alt as an example. Not my main, my alt. I love it so…

Fall 2016: Started playing this account over 1/2 way through the season, got Nightshade to Sapphire (max).
Winter 2016: Tengu to Garnet (max), snowdrop to Garnet (max).
Spring 2017: Aster to Emerald (max), double token bonus
Summer 2017: Zamrok to Emerald (max), double token bonus
Fall 2017: Double token bonus, Necryx almost Garnet (haven’t bred yet this event).

My alt is currently level 158 and in Garnet. It’s been on my main team (Rulith) since the last week of Fall 2016 or so. Rulith was in Sapphire for 90% of the seasons and moved to Diamond 2 a couple of weeks after the league restructure. Every single season I have gotten enough stones to help me through several months of gameplay. Yes, I have the advantage of high gameplay team rewards, but keep in mind it’s far more difficult on an alt in Diamond to get personal rewards. I maxed out one fortification this season and will not build at all the rest of them, either.

Divines have always been a really neat collectors status thing, both the original divines and the season divines. Just because you want it, doesn’t mean you should have it either. It’s like saying “I wasn’t collecting when the last auction was for that vase, but I want it now.” Well sorry, but it isn’t up for auction or sale now.

Also also, new divines are coming out anyway - spend your sigils on the newer, better dragons. How would a free player who couldn’t finish one line far enough to be useful manage to also be a free player and afford a new dragon and more stones for an old one?


I think we are better off leaving the past in the past, as a free to play player who has been here awhile. If dragons I worked hard to get suddenly came back and everyone could get it, what was the point of making it a limited time dragon? The value of the dragon just goes down in my opinion