Would like to see 2 new things

I would like to see sorting in the dragons den, by a choice added of teir aka blue/red/purple dragons, not just dragon types.

Also. I would like to be able to see what our farms are holding before touching to collect… i think this will aid us in seeing if we have enough for our quests… like collect 66000 5 times…


The first point has always been there. All dragons shown are displayed in progressive tiers. First red then blue. If you have divine seasonal dragons in a tier, then that dragon will also be shown in that tier too. Like I have many seasonal gold dragons. So they’re shown in the last at gold. Then the platinum dragons are shown.

And do you mean like the amount written below the tick mark sign? Cause that would be good.

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Yes, they are there per hunters the warriors and sorc… but i would like to be able to look at all blue dragons… or all purple dragons together.

Maybe not dumb… i have to collect 20k wood 3 times and the first touch were enough but i cant seen how much has built up without touching it… i touch it and it only collects half of what i needed and now i have to start over… but maybe an option to seeing it would open a window to to give us an option of what to do … like if we are full… we can manage… stop the touch collect and open a window…

For reasons of comparing all the dragons for the perch… all the ones for that color level

Yes… code already written to show the wood is available for collecting… so not much more code needed to write…

actually wrong im sure its much more code then that lol let me guess low level well farms go up to 2.7m so each of them numbers im sure take a special code to slap on it and soon storage im sure will be going up which will take even more useless coding

I actually want to know know much hp my farms and mills have after all buffs.

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So then why not just let your storage fill up and then check? Or check the rate/hour and just keep track of time… since it’s right there on your device…

Then check the breeding castle to see them all next to each other? Or use the swap/add function from the roster… or better yet if this is to help you decide about perch dragons, then LOOK AT THE PERCH where it shows all their stats and respective bonuses with filtered check boxes to sort through things starting at highest tier and down as you scroll right.

the collect wood quest always seems to be about 20-30 minutes worth of wood. I believe you can also complete it by destroying other players’ mills in core game attacks; if you’re in a hurry, that might be the way to go.

While your suggestion would be useful for these quests, preventing a mild inconvenience a few times a month is probably not enough usefulness to justify a change in a product with much bigger problems to sort.


The breeding castles shows them by type… of dragon. i would like to rsee all the red or blue or saphire all together

Just do it from breeding castle then… that shows you them by tier.

Yes, but no numbers… and level they are to help me decide which to use for a perch…
Thank you all for the suggestions…

In dragons den … they show all their numbers but are broken down by type of dragon…wariior/hunter and such… but i would like to be able to look at all of the orange teir and their numbers at once as an option

Yes, i have tried to calculate this and i have yet to get it right… lol

If that’s for a perch, you don’t need to bother with tier or class.
Just use a warrior with the best quality possible, Mythic or if you don’t have one yet Legendary. Your first Mythic Warrior will be Mehaten and he’s Fire, so defensive fire gear should be your main objective.
Why Mythic Warrior? Because it gives a random shield that adds an extra 25% HP to one tower at random and the longer a tower stays alive the more damage it can deal. Also until you unlocked all perches to lv 31 you shouldn’t keep leveling them further than this, that’s a waste of resources and timers and it inflates your level without adding significant power. You shouldn’t chose a higher tier of dragon either unless you have a Mythic and adequate gear for it, because the rise in attack power from the perch is negligible compared to losing 25% HP on a tower which may be the difference between a successful raid or a dead Dragon.

As others have said, quests only require 20-30 min worth of rss, so we don’t need anything that shows us how much there is inside and dragons are sorted by tier in most if not all places.


If you got to a farm & mill you can already see what’s been collected to date.


I am not that high of a level.
The sorting is more than that because i want ti have 2aiting the 30 min and still been under my target for claiming…
Also the sorting is not just one or either… i really dont want to perch a dragon that is already to expert…
Please look at it from a newbie perspective… i think it would help a lot