Would love to see a new event

It would be awesome to see a special event where all teams and players can only use Gold dragons and below! That would be awesome to see. Not sure what kind, maybe Fight Pits?


They had that one that did that, but it was not making any money so they added miracles or something. I guess it didn’t make enough money either since we havn’t seen it in a long time.

It would be fun to see a “throwback” event. Make all towers on enemy bases show as level ‘x’ (30 maybe?) if they are above that then only allow dragons up to gold or plat or whatever. They could over lap this with any existing event (still make money). It would at least make it interesting. everyone would have a “max base” for a weekend. Well maybe not everyone… but still fun! Im guessing that would be hard to program though.

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No thx… doesn’t sound fun. Try again?

That’s a great idea! We do have some devs in the works of brainstorming and creating new events to share with the Dragons community. When we have more news to share, we’ll be sure to post all the details on our blog and social channels! :slight_smile:


Why not? I would like to play old dragons again…though my Divines won’t work and lower lvls will have advantages such as using Divines…however we will have expert Whalegnawer lol

Though if we need energy I object


Be careful what you wish for.


How about news on improving the old content which are less glitchy and balance for f2p and p2p?


That was the Solo event (Assault I think it was called) which only appeared once I think…?

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Maybe it just needs a little more of the fine details hashed out… first gut response was ehh…

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Yes. This. :+1:


running with gold dragons on lvl 60 towers :roll_eyes::man_shrugging:

will be funny for all of those players which havent experted green and gold dragons cause they went for higher tier dragons like me :innocent:

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Or had been starving their dragon because of feeeding event.

Bring back the old blackbloods event!

lets fix the “new” one first :man_shrugging:

Doesn’t sound the best. I mean, what about lower lvls? And PG isn’t going to make money off the majority of players who can max these dragons in their sleep; just needing one run to max dragons wont have many players paying $$$ to do that

Great idea! I hate how old dragons just get benched forever after they’ve hit expert, or when you have a roster full of significantly stronger dragons & they can’t clear bases at your level anymore. I had a similar suggestion so am really hoping something like this comes about, especially something that creates an incentive for flying the earlier tier of dragons the ones we’ve not flown for the longest!

Yea, was just an idea. I too, hate seeing all the lower dragons collecting dust in the dragon closet. And I guess many have cashed in the runes on them too. :cry:

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Please bring back the blackbloods event…that event was the bomb because it allowed you to see your progress and wasn’t an energy event the first few times it was out. That event and the trials event would be great to see return. Please don’t add more PvP events until you can figure out a way to make them actually somewhat strategic, not just who does the most mega attacks will win every round. That just makes these events boring and seemingly a waste of time to try and strategize.

When the last 20 mins of most major events is all that matters, all the strategies some teams use during the rest of it are completely wasted. If people feel like their effort is going to help their team do better, they are more likely to do more in the events…but of course, most know that what they are doing doesn’t matter. Unless they are pumping out a ton of mega attacks which are extremely overpriced and most can’t afford to do that, their efforts are more or less in vain. Mega attacks ruined the balance between pay to play players and free to play players in these events. Simply too many points in just one attack.

When the bonus meter was here and the valors/other consumables that increased points you were given, I used to do very well in major events. But now it seems like a pointless grind and the rewards are simply not worth the consumables and time it takes to get to that amount of points. It would be great if these issues were addressed.


I completely agree. It used to be I could get like 500 sigils off one event back at level 20. Now I’m almost level 40 and I get the exact same amount. And I spend twice as much. Pointless.


500 sigils in one event is very very little even for a F2P player and I’m talking about PvP. I think you are in a league to high? Or what?