Would you rather have a lvl 1 ember than a complete stone necx😈

Story of my life :face_vomiting:. Chars

My level 1 Ember. There will be other dragons that will overshadow Nec but Ember is forever. :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Well, as an egg/chest runner, sure…

But at level 1, Ember will eventually not be viable as a one-shot. DG is NOT a guaranteed kill. It modifies some values so that the “Dragon’s next attack deals enough damage to destroy most buildings instantly.” The value it modifies is the the dragon’s attack, It has a stack of two components. First, there is a 100% boost to the dragon’s attack, and then the damage is 10,000 times that. At level 1, ember has an attack power of 1,692. So, unboosted, Ember’s DG at level 1 caps at 33,840,000 damage. Throw on a 30% attack boost, and now it can do 43,992,000. Remember the original level 60 farms? ~30M base HP, but you could get pretty close to 50M HP with boosts, buffs, etc.

So, he won’t be forever as a one-shot at level 1. :man_shrugging:

Full Disclosure: I have a level 1 Ember. You may not have him. He is mine.


I have him and i rarely use him as finisher, mainly i use ember for egg farming. I completely understand ur input . :+1:t4:

My Ember is at 1 too. I forget why I even bothered to breed him … maybe to reach the next tier prize in a breed event. Either way, he was shelved until MadOxford was kind enough to explain his usefulness. :heart_eyes:

I use Ember for the same reasons as you but mostly to back our members on FreeXp280. One minute full xp runs, it’s a beautiful thing. And most times I can hit four monuments. :drooling_face:


A level 1 ember. I leveled him up as far as I could without spending… now I’m so sad I did that #stupidembermistakes

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I leveled my Ember to 14 and boy oh boy I’m kicking myself for it. I’d take it back to level 1 without a doubt.

I’d gladly give up a level 1 ember to have an obsidian Necryx.

On my main I have both.
On my alt my ember is level 6 (levelled it up as an experiment to see what happens when I got to evolve stone level).

Do I regret doing that on my alt? Sure. Is it as bad as if I never got Obsidian Necryx? No way!

Are you kidding? I would love to have my ember learn cloak, having another dragon with deathgaze and cloak would make battling players 4 times my level a whole lot easier. Since I couldn’t even get the purple stone, I have to burn through my supply of invincibilities instead.

Ah, fair enough. Cloak is one of my favorite spells. I just want to be able to farm the token missions effeciently. Not the end of the world for me, though.

Um Enki???

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I said “another” sometimes enki just can’t cut it alone

I don’t really recommend, but you could buy Numen.

I’ve been trying to save up, but energy events are so draining…

If theyre using ember to clean up in attacks, something is off… probably not a serious fight. Or not a very fair one.

Um numen

It’s because high levels keep using short bases full of elementals, like they don’t realize that necryx exists or something. Short bases are a different kind of easy.

Um dima?

It’s almost like you’re not even reading

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Any necryx last Gold is ok for me so…I’d take the lvl 1 ember