Would you rather?

Which Devine would you rather have?

  • Hunter
  • Warrior

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Lol forgot their names

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Nollaig and Aibrean

Ok thanks but now it won’t let me edit the poll

Lol :laughing: :joy::joy:

Warriors let me be more versatile. For example, I’ve been doing food runs while my alt defends my base. With warriors, I can raid a base with one hand while defending my base with the other. :smirk:

Edit: Thought it was the preference in class not existing offered divines. Either way, the warrior. :drooling_face:

If I’m wanting to do that, I use Kinn :laughing:

Yep, she is so low maintenance.

She makes team gauntlet a lot more enjoyable lol. Just let her autopilot the PVE islands while you watch a tv show or something :laughing:

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That’s the ONLY reason why I’m sad I don’t have kinnarus… :joy:


Other option is to get apophet. his shadow does a similar thing. I’ll get him as a backbreed when I breed A&A

You need apo full breed for sapphire eggs

I actually got the first 4 I needed when I finshed breeding Ursa (got 2 with Hauset, 1 with frost, and 1 with ursa.) I’ll get the rest of the sapphire eggs I need when I breed Zaru, my 4th garnet (next breed I’m getting Avalance and maybe backbreeding Anapa too.)

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I use Equestor in gauntlet. :grin:

Kicking butt Liz! :+1:

Kin tops Eq cause she has Dodo. Whoever created that lil guy was a genius. :upside_down_face:

I think you should make this general discussion, but idk how they decide that

By nature, hunters are just better. More systematic, stand up to towers of higher tiers, evasive, and explosive. Can’t speak on either of the current drags (don’t have aibrean high enough) but I feel like you’ll be hard pressed to find a warrior that can do anything useful against 60s that isn’t harbinger. Kinda says it all.

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