Would You Sign a Pettition for Change?

Let me start off by saying that this is my first post, I am winging it.
I thank you for allowing me to take up some of your time, I believe this topic is relevant to every player and I need your opinion.
I have been looking over my stable of beasties and have to shake my head. I could have done better. I wish there were a way to correct some mistakes I made when I first started this game. They were honest mistakes and I would bet some of you dear readers made the same ones I did. I have not played War Dragons for long, a bit over six and a half months now. I am participating in my third seasonal trials, having started in the middle of the ‘17 summer, completed the ‘17 autumn and, like you, in the midst of the winter 2018 contest. I should have some impressive dragons to show, but I do not. I have dragons from those contests, but due to my naivety and lack of game experience, they are no where near the powerhouses they were intended to be. Allow me to elaborate and understand…my decisions placed me where I am in the game now, I lay blame on no one else. The lack of information had more to do with my status than any thing else I can recall. What I am asking your opinion for is to see if enough of you believe that an opportunity to correct a lapse in judgement, be offered by the game designers. It would occur as an event not unlike the ones already established, but would appear once a year to signify its importance.
If you all are favorable to this Idea, I would pettition the designers to offer special evolution stones as reward in this contest. With each stone won, a dragon from past contests could continue evolving, even to its maximum potentialial. Instead of never being used again, which is now their fate, the
dragon can enjoy new powers as a valuable addition to his stable.
If you have made it this far, then I must have interested you in this proposal. The reason I am asking for this second chance is because I started playing this game completely unprepared and uninformed. Like many games similar to War Dragons, you are advised to join a team, this you know. The prizes are bigger, the opportunity for advancement greater, this you also know. What you may not know is the effect a team will have on a new guy and that is why I am lobbying you specifically, the readers that know through experience need no explanation. I was accepted by a team that had a good sales pitch in its Bio. They were good people, caring people, for the most part, but the leaders took the wrong approach, in my opinion, to the game. There was little communication during battle, little direction on how the different contests worked and their approach to the seasonal dragons was unclear or mixed. I was left with the impression that picking the prize most able to help immediately was routine. I figured I had plenty of time to check off all the necessary gifts by contest end. I should have questioned more players on league chat to get opinions and strategies. YouTube and Google could have helped alot, which it did later on. I spent a set budget amount, which was more than I spent elswhere, except Mobile Strike and I quit because the demand to spend was ludicrous. All in all I was lazy, I started out with a team that was more disorganized than anything. So, four months I chased my tail, then I happened to talk to someone on league chat who nominated me for an invitation, same day I was asked to join my current team. I have been a member for a bit over two and a half months (honestly, I have not sat down and figured out my tenure to the day) and I am still in awe at the work ethic of everyone. We have moved up in rank four times since my signing and we are now platinum IV, threatening the next level. I was taught the best way to approach getting seasonal dragons. Leos will probably realize full evolution if I stick with the strategy. I have leveled up 22 spots and I am taking it at a moderate pace, compared to some I’ve seen out there buying their way up. I have seen both sides of the coin as far as teams go. I would like to believe my team is unique and it is, but the formula that is us, flows though a great deal of the more fortunate teams.
Well, I have managed to put a novel down in print here too. I have a notorious habit of long chat posts and multiple posts…call myself MCChatkilla, from this article you can deduce how fun chat can be. I ask for your opinion and I will respect the wishes of the masses. If it be a mandate one way or the other, then I know I can come to you again and expect fair consideration.

Thank you…

Don’t just read it, give me an answer. If there are questions, I will do my very best to answer.

This is an elaborate way to ask for prior season’s evolve stones.
In which case I am going to refer you to the FAQ:


Don’t worry about the old season dragons. When new tiers are created, new season dragons also get stones for that new tier. This means the older a season dragon is, the sooner it becomes obsolete.

Also, I wouldn’t want to see the stones brought back for old dragons simply for the sake of variety in the game. Everyone would fly the same dragons and that would be boring.

Well, there goes my thinking I’m special out the window. I am glad to see that the subject has been brought up before. It just goes to strengthen the axiom of nothing being new under the sun.
Thanks for the correct placement.

@ModMat @TheRedDelilah @Psarus

This is a “bring back old divine stones” thread buried under a torrent of words.



So you only listen to new music and never again when it gets old?
You would throw a perfectly good rifle or pistol away for the same reason?
The idea to bring old dragons up to maximum abilities has merit because once you know how to use it, it becomes second nature, you’re coonfident it will do what you expect. I’m sixty-two years old, I’m not ready to be forgotten…

You are annoyed because you have to read?

1st - welcome to the forums :slight_smile:

2nd - you’ll find that it’s not always a friendly place, but give it a chance - familiarize yourself with the FAQ section, observe and learn the social norms on here, and you’ll get along just fine. Most people are pretty cool, but the people who frequent the forums see the same topics over and over, so they tend to be pretty quick to shame someone for not doing their forum due diligence (search, read, then ask if you still haven’t found what you’re looking for).

3rd - don’t take the crap people on here say personally.

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I’m a very fast reader. Was just helping our forum mods who may not have realized what this thread is.

Speaking of reading, we have a forum FAQ (linked above) that lists “bring back old divine evo stones” and related topics as not suitable for new forum posts.

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I got you, and my apologies for not considering the amount of data that can roll through here. I would imagine tedium Is a word y’all know well.
I will certainly look before I leap, if you will, next outing.
Thanks guys…

There is quantifiable data to show how new season dragons with new stones get stronger than old season dragons with old stones. What kind of music a person likes is strictly a matter of opinion.

I realize older dragons are still useful for a long time, but the point was to put old season dragon evolve stones out of your mind because this idea has been hashed out many times and there are good reasons for not bringing them back.

I already mentioned overall variety throughout the game, there is also the fact that people worked hard to get those stones under the impression that it was their only chance to get them. People spent a lot of money with that assumption in mind.

Welcome to the forums, sorry it happened to be with a suggestion people are tired of seeing. I don’t blame you for not knowing to search for it first.

Even if you could get the stones, they would be vastly inferior to new dragons. For example a sapphire skarr would be wayyyyy worse compared to a sapphires necryx. If you look you will be able to see that the season dragons are slowly becoming more powerful per level.

But if you need any help, PM me. Played over a year and I’m always willing to help.

Thanks for the replies everyone.