Wow is it just me or

Once apon a time… in a land far far away


You’re forcing your opinion down our throats, you are just as bad. Do not contribute to the problem

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Hey, uninstall your game you can still visit the forum. solution didn’t solve problem.


Don’t keep up with the game outside of the game and Line, if your team has it. Fixes all nonsense :man_shrugging:t2:. People invest a lot in this game, both financially and emotionally, to each their own.

Uninstall the game and you still look at LINE…then there is an update and want to play again.

Goes to download game again


I’m still learning to use the forums but they seem like a fun place. Almost as fun as lc used to be :weary:

It’s not so bad. @CheekyGrinch amazed me with this reply. Kudos dude, peeps like you make the world a better place. :+1:t3:


:joy::joy::joy::joy: oh you guys.

This thread complaining about people complaining doesn’t really help improve the game.
If the posts are inappropriate then please flag.