Wow! New glitches after a long time for me!

In the first one, ember’s death gaze spell.

In the second, invisible perch dragon dealing damage!

Same as the second ss!


Try sending a ticket to support.

I encounter that pretty frequently

Can I send a ticket for this too? Do they care? I mean they’ll go through this?

I’m not sure, but it’s worth a try.

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Ok I’ll see!

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My favorite is when the dragon’s fire is invisible. :joy:


Yes hard to do a hunter then

Possibly poor connection? I’ve encountered the second when using WiFi instead of data


Np I always play with my data, but never faced this, probably I don’t think it’s my data problem!

100% chance support gonna ask you to

  1. Restart your game
  2. Check network connection
  3. Reinstall the game


My glitches include invisible dragon and invisible hunter fire
(Except for the worst one -lag, when dragon slows down and rewinds back)

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That’s the reason for I’m not going to send a support ticket lol :joy::joy:

But I fed up of this glitches!

Leave it, I’m in a mood planning for next season haha

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