Wraithfire Keep Dungeon: Is it worth spending rubies on keys?

TLDR: Only if you don’t have Atlas. Or if you can do the highest level and really enjoy the flying a lot.

Okay, this is a first attempt at some theorycrafting on dungeon drops.

For this one I’ll be comparing rubies spent on keys for Wraithfire Keep to rubies spent on gold chest in Fortification, since both have pretty similar main drops.

I’ll be using the level 20 dungeon for the math below. It looks like lower level dungeons give worse awards, up to 30% lower. In general, higher level is always better. I have a full sheet of all the drop rates here.

According to that sheet, 400 rubies (20 keys, 2 runs on the max dungeon) will get you:

  • 27.19 hours
  • 137.5 elemental embers
  • 22.5 black pearls
  • 1092 of each crafting shard

By comparison, the average gold chests in fort (source) will get you:

  • 24.36 hours
  • 118.6 elemental embers
  • 11.3 black pearls
  • 20.5 sigils
  • 76.7 egg tokens
  • 37.6 fire and ice shards

So at max level dungeons give about 12% more timers, 16% more embers and nearly double the black pearls (still not a lot in total). You also get some crafting shards, not a huge amount, but significantly more than farming beasts will give.
On the other hand you lose out on some sigils, egg tokens, and fire/ice shards.
At this level I think the value per ruby is quite similar. But of course dungeons take time, and gold chests don’t.

At level 14, the rewards have dropped to about equal to chest levels, but of course still missing sigils/tokens. At that point spending rubies is becoming just a waste.

The only exception is if you don’t have Atlas, then the shards are probably worth it even down to the lower levels (still definitely do the max level you can enter and reliably clear).


:thinking: I’m surprised by the results. Was expecting much worse payout than gold chests


Thanks for the maths :nerd_face::hugs:. The added timers might also be worth it if you’re like me and always looking under couch cushions for more. But, not worth buying more than 40 keys, imo. Thanks! :hugs::kissing_heart:


Don’t forget that the sigils you would normally get also help getting timers, and the egg tokens you get from chest mean you could do a few more timer balloon missions instead of token missions. So once you add that in the timers end up pretty much exactly the same anyway.

updated, higher level dungeons do give a very slightly better key:rewards ratio. So rewards are slightly worse if you’re far away from level 20.

In fact I thought keys went up every 2 levels, but they don’t. The above is still valid for level 20, but I’ll have to do a bit more math to see how the lower levels do.

It may be me just being disgruntled with PG at the moment, but I think this is just another ploy to get people to deplete their supply of rubies. Then pg can put the super sigil chest out there for rubies, which people have already spent. Pg lines their pockets when the rubes buy rubies, and celebrate all the way to the bank

Added a full sheet with source data per level.

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@Morreion thanks for the analysis. Seems like I’ve done the same calculations before seeing your post.
Will post my findings anyway as it might give some insight about where grinding even starts to make sense (Level 15 and up):

It really doesn’t make sense for most players to buy keys and go farming unless they don’t need anymore sigils or tokens and have a lot of time on their hands. Or if they value shards higher than progressing in the game.

PG is likely trying to cater to players that are uninformed or bored to death.


Thank you Morreion! I was hoping you would do a write up about if it was worth it!
I can only get to level 10. So I was holding off on buying keys till I saw if you thought it was worth it! Thank you for all the effort you put in for this stuff :grin:

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My question is how do they come up with the price in the store? 12 keys for $20, but 40 keys cost 800 rubies. Why would anyone purchase the 12 keys in the store when they can get a pack with 6000 rubies plus for the same $20 and buy 300 keys with rubies?

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The store pack is 12 boxes of 40 keys.

Thanks, that would make more sense.

How about the keys spent to reach level 20 in the first place? Would pull the value down.

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I believe that number is 119, off the top of my head. But keep in mind that spending the extra 800 rubies to get to dungeon 20 is technically you spending 800 rubies for a new avatar and some extra goodies.

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