Wraithfire Keep in Dungeons tab not available anymore

I have been experiencing this problem since yesterday, so 24 hours elapsed since then.
I am posting photos below.
Pls do suggest why is this happening to me?
And is it happening to anyone else too?


Happened with the update. Waiting to see if it affects the Dungeon event scheduled today.

@Fragityit actually is happening to me since before update. I did the update only 2 hours ago.

Interesting… for my team it wasn’t an issue before the update. It is now affecting everyone however.

Really? Everyone? Everyone in your team? Man this must be a big bug!

And so close to opening time! PG must be grabbing thier hair out on this!

it’s 6am PG time…we got a couple hours at least

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Uhh Mariah it’s 8PM for me and i think it will start here at around 12:30 AM at midnight. So was really hoping if i could have at least had a little experience of what it was before sleeping here.

Oh it started working!! Thank Heavens!!
How can i close this?
And oh before closing, @Fragity do your teammates also have got it working?

Yep, looks good!

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