Wrong Chest set?

Xp potions and food packs at a fortification event?
No elemental embers? Seems the chests are made for the wrong event.

Wierd. Maybe your game state is glitching out.

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Anyone else got these issue? Im planning to open 100 gold chest, make me worry

At least you are getting chests to drop. Main and alt get 1 bronze chest every 4 or 5 raids, if we are lucky. Team mates having same issue. Did 7 raids solo this morning and not 1 chest dropped. PG wonders why ppl quit? This is a big reason. I dont spend money on this game to get crap I dont need for an event, when anything bothers to drop. Maybe its time I looked for a different game to spend my money on. This is one of the most glitchy games I have played in a long while. All quick with the hand out fir everything, slow to give me what I pay for.
Feeling ripped off…

My chests are correct

I haven’t opened any, but in the armoury above the gold chests where it shows “Potential legendary drops”, it is cycling through breeding event drops like 3k egg tokens, xp potions, food packs.

Really don’t want to waste the gold chests on food packs now :roll_eyes: so not planning to open any until this is fixed.

Mine shows the right prizes. So you should raise a ticket for this.

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File a ticket straight away

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Huh. Mine shows XP potions, food packs, and mystic frags in “Potential Legendary Items” too. Haven’t opened golds, but I got wood packs from bronze chests, and the “Drop Rate of Gold Chest” shows the correct items, so it’s probably an issue with just that one display component.

Open some :eyes: :rofl:

only because it was a pretty decent location w pearls and embers:

(It’s exactly as expected from the current event tables.)

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Looks like a visual glitch on the chest screen then.

You’re making me want to open some…
Better to check where I am at the drop list :eyes:

I never take note. I just open 10 to check… :joy:


So support didn’t get what I wanted. Think it was a prepared answer. But I was brave enough to open chests… it’s just the display of the little slider which shows wrong prices…

I was having the same problem so I sent a ticket it. I was getting rubies instead of chests.

Have you tried reinstalling?

How do you know the position in table without opening?

I have always done as Grumpy said above open 10 and find the position

It continues from last event. Same sequence, different list.


Thanks for that info Orca.:+1:
I thought I read somewhere that it resets your position for every event. Huh… must have been mistaken

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