Wrong display for Atlas gold (minuscule amount)

I understand if the difference is about several hundreds to millions (possibility of being raided). But…


p.s. This is not the worst case. Often, the difference is 1.

Happened to me before

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Ahh, I knew someone else would notice.
For me the difference is always one and restarting Atlas usually does not fix the issue. I just have to manually change the number in the transfer box. Kind of annoying. :t_rex:

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Usually, I send at least 70% or something whenever I receive that and then send another one which allows me to send everything I have.

It kind of forces the game to update your gold value due to the rss transfer that you did.

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:roll_eyes: With no elite, my gold gain is very small.
Even 20x mine runs is less than one time transfer (I did mine runs a few times past daily multi, and with Prospero, more runs)

It’s a rounding error that’s been known for a while. It’s annoying.


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