Wrong resist for Leo?

A teammate of mine pointed this out. I’m not sure if they haven’t created the proper symbol for dark flak resist or not yet. I thought Leo was supposed to have Dark flak resist and Fire flak resist… am I mistaken? Here it shows he has cannon and fire flak (?) resist.

Let me know if I’m crazy or not!

Already talked over in forum and live stream. The image shows the wrong one.

I searched for it in forums and couldn’t find it anywhere, but thank you.

No problems :coffee::coffee::coffee:

The Cannon Resist is the wrong one, it should be Fire (Turret) Resist as far as I know.

The Dark Flak Resist is correct in the image (I think the inside of the circle shows a moon sicle and a star to visualize the darkness).
Currently there is no Fire Flak Resist.

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In case you want reassurance:


@PurpleFire check the name of the dragon in the screenshot :rofl::rofl::rofl:


A fix for the spell icon will be out shortly. Sorry for the confusion.

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Is Leo worth it

Reassurance is always welcome

No, the prizes are


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