Wrong Rune/Glyph in the Durgotth Line

The wrong Runes and Glyphs were put into the Durgotth legendary line. @PGCarlos Can you please look into getting these replaced ASAP!

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Both his legendary and his mythic form have it boosting the same spell, so idk if it’s a mistake but it is lazy


HA, I had it wrong, it switches so I thought it was just a wrong glyph. Normally they boost different spells. @moderators You can close this :slight_smile: I just confused the spells for a minute thinking they were supposed to be buffs for the bore/burrow skills.

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So we will end up with a useless rune if we go this route? A bit confused as i havent actually checked the spells yet but if they have the same name and boosts it cant be used on same dragon even for the hu ter atk boost

let me double check but I think this isn’t a mistake …

This is listed correctly