Wrongful ban paying player

Got banned just in time for war as well… So of course we get declared on! @PGJared @PGCrisis, he’s a big spender and I know there have been some issues with the Ruby banning recently, does this come under? I believe quite a few of our team sent tickets about this last night but no answer so far!

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Automatically ban,because of rubies should be fixed,if I’m not wrong
But i heard,that old system error is still up
When you breeding dragon and pressing on defense banners it might make you get banned


I saved about 100k rubies for breeding over 200k eggs and about 300 shards

That’s a shed load of packs. Hope you weren’t ruby hacking those. Good luck anyway.

And with that many packs you should have way more than 100k rubies and way past aapphire. You didn’t spend wisely… :joy:


Mythical fragments and eggs part.
There is ppl with 700k-1m,because they had no chance to breed for months.So I doubt this part
Jared said earlier,that after Sessions ban they made changes in rubies ban thingy(if I’m not wrong)

I think it might be system error,there was some bans,because of this glitch earlier
Also,there is another thread about resetting account accidentally,because of some kind of system crush
Hopefully it will be solved for you ASAP

He’s in obsidian… Don’t know why he posted screenshot of sapphire, but hes in obsidian mate, and your comment isn’t really of any help is it


I have a lot of “earlier” tier eggs in my incubator as well)Also in Obsidian
Just haven’t incubate useless eggs;)


Does he need you to speak for him now does he? :man_shrugging: I wished him luck. Probably wanna get that stick out your behind my friend.

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well he’s asleep and you’re trolling so… Maybe stop with the keyboard warrior thing and provide something insightful other than “you didn’t spend wisely”. thank you for wishing him luck and it is a shed load of packs, so hopefully this has a good turn around


Teammate here speaking. He spends a LOT. And always through the itunes store. I doubt he would be stupid enough to jeopardize the thousands of dollars hes spending…

Support gave him ridiculous replies. First asking what his in-game issue was and when it occured, after he already told them he was banned and what the issue was.
Then they said he “modified his account”. But from what ive seen about him on Line, i sincerely doubt he knows anything about hacking or modified codes :neutral_face:

Now im not saying im 100% sure he didn’t do anything wrong, you can never know what goes on on someone elses account. But ive seen his progress the last months. He got from sapphire to obsidian fast, but he also buys a SHITLOAD of packs, through itunes so his purchases are legit.
And support is giving him bullshit answers and no explanations :hushed:

Curious to see the outcome.


You have no idea…

Anyway since forum mum is on the case I shall just let you and your teammates comment on here since apparently that’s the new forum mum’s rules :man_shrugging:


Time for some popcorn and chill. Looking forward for this one… :wink:



I doubt this is the same issue as the accounts that got rolled back. Those players could still log in but was rolled back to lvl 1.

This account (according to the screenshot) was banned. But I guess we’ll leave it to PG to respond.

If you would like to contest your ban, the best way to do so is by filing a ticket with support:


Posting on the forums is counterproductive and a complete waste of your time and PG’s time. With the mass of tickets, be patient and watch that ticket conversation.


I honestly get it’s counterproductive but you should see the [redacted] replies he’s getting from support…
Half the times support is contacted to report an issue they start talking about a completely different bug :roll_eyes:

(Edit: Sorry just venting from my own frustrating experiences with support.)

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Understand what you’re saying, he’s done that, sent multiple tickets. He’s getting stupid automated replies. At least this way they can see it and get a proper response like Sessions. The Automated reply system as you know tends to reply a lot more frequently than actual PG employees. Sessions waited 1 week for any sort of reply from PG then took it to forums as he didn’t get one.
So, I get what you’re saying however efficiency in this sort of thing seems to be lacking, at least we know that the Mods like to scour the forums and are very active on here

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Have him post his ticket number(s).

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