Wtf? Gifting is back?

@Panda did you see this?

Just popped up on my mini (iPhone 8+) not enabled on my main account (iPad 5th).

Happened to me when the event was gone check if you get rubies instead of chest drops

Negative chests are dropping

I think? It has something to do with the update. I’m guessing some things got rolled back accidentally for some. Or PG just likes some people more than others. I don’t have gifting enabled so I know where I stand with them :sweat_smile:

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@pgjared @PGEggToken what’s up with that :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

This was related to the other issues such as Breeding Token bonuses and Elite Accounts and should be fixed now. Sorry for the confusion! We’ll continue to monitor any other related issues that arise.

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