WTF ( pardon my french) Recruitment

I was just wondering what the hell is going on in WD universe.
I’ve just been bombarded with a crap load of recruitment request. Has PG done another pan wave?

I get request every now and then but now getting more than I can handle.

Am I’m the only one?

Are you on any of the leaderboards this week?

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Supoosed to be doing another ban wave at some point

@mechengg not on any leader board. Just s bog standard player.

I’ve gotten like five invites in the last two months so I definitely haven’t noticed an influx of that haha. Wonder why you got so many :thinking: :t_rex:

I use to get one or 2 invites but after this event I’ve gotten over 20 and still counting. No idea why.

It’s becoming a pain. League’s are spread from bronze to platinum.

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Need to be able to omit such recruitment from the league…

This seems to happen on and off to people. Did your activity level drop, or did anything change? It seems like even very active people have gotten invite spam before, though.

Has your team activity dropped under 40? Our feeder team went fairly dormant for awhile and we got spammed like crazy… which of course leads to anyone still active jumping ship and the situation getting worse. We put some effort into a rebuild, got above 40 again (which I think corresponds to “active”) and the spam stopped.

Why it’s even an issue?
If you are getting invites-your account looks good :woman_shrugging:t2:

I’m always afraid I’ll accidentally accept. Seen people do it before :eyes::see_no_evil:
Also it’s annoying when you think you might have an important message but it’s an invite from bronze lol. I constantly got invites for months when my glitchy weekly medals put me on the leaderboard. It sucked :joy:

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Noooooo :scream::sob:

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