Xandra comparison with other riders. Spoiler: she is the best for all

Hello guys, i did a comparison of Xandra with the best riders of each class. Thanks @Morreion to make it easier by creating the site “neon war dragons”. If you didn’t see that, you should definitely take a look!

  1. Hunters

Anja is the best one imo for hunters, stats

  • +24% attack power
  • +4% health
  • +10% rage generation
  • +1 hunter ammo

Xandra hunter stats

  • +23% attack power
  • +14% health
  • +24% rage generation

I know that the ammo is purely most important thing for hunters, but can anybody say that +1 ammo is worth to pick instead of +14% rage generation and +10% of health. Xandra is better.

  1. Warriors and sorcerers

Generally speaking, things we need to look for are the health and rage generation. With that being said, the best rider for them is Hugo.

Hugo stats for literally every dragon class:

  • +6% attack power
  • +30% health
  • +10% rage generation

Xandra stats for both:

  • +14% attack power
  • +23% health
  • +24% rage generation

Despite the 7% of health is a kinda big deal, it’s obvious that you can’t refuse, Xandra is better here again.

  1. Invokers

Again, health and rage using class, so Hugo is the choice but i already gave his stats on the warrior-sorcerer part. But for some of the invokers attack power is also a need, So let’s get the Suresh to the hand for this purpose.

Suresh stats for invokers:

  • +14% attack power
  • +16% health
  • +10% rage generation

Xandra invoker stats:

  • +14% attack power
  • +23% health
  • +24% rage generation


I hope this is helpful, and everybody sees that Xandra is a must-have rider. Thanks for reading.

Since the thread is all about Xandra, here is the ability layout of here, announced by PGEggToken. There will be 195 points available to spread at her expert state. So one full class of stats +24% rage generation.


Depends on the dragon.


Could you give me a few examples of the important attack power using warriors, sorcerers? Or i don’t know what kinda rider there is better than Anja for hunters… For the invokers i already said

It still depends on the dragon. Generally speaking Xandra will be best for most, but not every dragon is short on rage. For example I’ll be sticking with Anja for my Hauhezen, because rage is not why my runs fail, if I fail it was always it’s lack of burst damage, so the ammo is worth more than the extra rage.

Another clear example would be Fafnir, who has no use for rage regen at all.

So yes, I agree this is easily the strongest rider in the game, but still depends on the dragon if it’s the best choice or not.


I don’t want to give an appearance like i am against the fact that it depends on dragon (really specific ones btw). And I think i already said about the ammo

and “generally speaking”

For Hauhezen, still i don’t think that +1 ammo can solve the issue about burst damage, while rewinding one more time by using stasis on one more tower via the rage can. Also +10% health most probably provides the opportunity to get hit by one more flak shot. About Faf’nyr yeah Hugo can be the better one for him but still, he can benefit from the +8% attack power thanks to his passive. And no argument about invokers at all.

Nevertheless, of course you need to evaluate the rider for the dragons individually. There is no doubt about it, but even for the dragons that you mentioned, there is a doubt about that the Xandra can still be better one imo. My idea by creating this post was actually to show

I hope it serves the purpose :slightly_smiling_face:

It is still dragon-dependent :sunglasses:

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