XAngelsDemonsX is Looking for Members

XAngelsDemonsX is Looking for Members

LFM – S3/S2XAngelsDemonsXL360+


Language: English
Time Zone: Any time zone
Played time: as long as you want .
Age Range: 18+
Elite Account?: Yes/ No / Maybe . Up to you .
Dragon Roster Includes: Atleast one mythic dragon from the last 2 seasons .
Highest Lineage Dragon: Vanguard +


We are XAngelsDemonsX , a highly active global team with members from all over the globe , with 24/7 activity is looking for 1-3 players to join us .
We place top 5 in events every week , 1200 Sigils and final quest prize are a given and active , helpful drama free members too .

We are looking for members who are breeding Vanguard or above , atlas active and a go-getter in atlas . Do you have a strong defendable base with gear and strong dragons to add ?
We have multiple castles in all elements , almost maxed infrastructure , full banks and helpful players who are always on to assist and guide as and when needed .

If you are looking for such a team to kick ass and grow with while enjoying the benefits of a high active team in the game , please get in touch with me here or message me in game ( TheHustler ) .


If you mistype my team name in the search bar (easy mistake!) this here’s another good team to join instead.


Have we found any other teams with similar names in similar leagues ? :joy: :joy: :joy:

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