XAngelsDemonsX , P1 , high active team looking for players

XAngelsDemonsX is looking for 2-3 very active players

LFM – Platinum 1XAngelsDemonsXlvl 200 or above


Language: English
Time Zone: Worldwide
Played time: 6 months onwards
Age Range: 18+
Elite Account?: not mandatory
Dragon Roster Includes: Pathox / UVS / Ronin if possible
Highest Lineage Dragon: Emerald and above

We are XAngelsDemonsX , P1 team with atlas and 1100 tokens overall everyday .
We are a team with players spread out all over the world , US , Canada , Europe , UK , Asia , Middle East and India . High active and fun team who do great in events and usually place in top 3-5 in league in every event over last 4-5 months .
We have hit the 1.2k sigils team achievement prize in 5 out of 7 events this season and are looking for aggressive players who hit the final team achievement every event . We get the L9 quest prize in every event too . We have a great team setup , friendly teammates and zero drama .
We also offer high atlas bonuses with maxed infra and atleast 2-3 castles for each shard element and looking to get more .

Please get in touch here or mail leader in game to discuss further details and team minimums .


i wonder if anyone even reads the looking for members post .

We do … or at least I do. it is just that not everyone is looking for a team.

Best and good luck finding members.


Even I read some of them :grin: although I’m not even looking for a team

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I heard the leader here is pretty Harsh … a … :eyes:

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thanks . :slight_smile:

You heard right . He harsh-ly attacks Castle guards :stuck_out_tongue:

Which one are you??


we are the first one . XAngelsDemonsX . @GogoDr4gon

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We offer 7/8 team prize, we require 1200 sigil prize in events??? Which one is it?

Oh nevermind…quests

A guide!

(I’m kidding–best of luck with your search, fellow celestial-infernals.)


Its not the size of the dog in the fight , its the size of the fight in the dog :wink:

good luck to you guys in your recruitment search too :stuck_out_tongue:


Hmmm . Any more interesting folks out there ?

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