XHellionsX LFM Sapphire with Atlas


Saphire team currently going through restructuring. We have atlas. Prefer players with garnet+ dragons. But, feel free to msg me if you’re very active. We’re currently undergoing mergers, but can still fill a few spaces. Email me:Stumbldore. I’ll reply quickly.


Time Zone:any
Played time:any
Age Range: any
Elite Account?:not a necessity, but appreciated
Dragon Roster Includes:
Highest Lineage Dragon:



Hey, we are 2 very active players looking to joint a team like yours. I’m level 163 with 2 primarchs 1 taunter lvl 3 and trapper lvl 2. Other player is 161 with 2 primarch as well both lvl 2 a taunter and a trapper. We’re very active players looking for the cahnece to grow. We’re very ambitious and we’re in saphitetear dragons for now. The team we’re on doesn’t have flash and we helped through a lot sacrificing our game but it’s time we move up. Please tHnk you for reading and I hop you consider us.

Looking for saphire atlas home for 2