Xmercilessx is recruiting


Greetings :wave:t2:, We are looking to fill a few spots on our team with very active,strong, and committed players. :small_blue_diamond:We are largely an adult team who values a family atmosphere although humor may run to the south occasionally. :small_blue_diamond:We are serious about development; we are currently implementing a base review and breeding program. :small_blue_diamond:Cooperation, communication, and coordination are a must. There is always help available with resources and xp. :small_red_triangle:Please apply even if we are at 50. We usually have a waiting list but I can promise you we are well worth a short wait and as we value loyalty. :small_orange_diamond:We are more than happy to work with you while you make arrangements with a current team. We are wonderful to each other, but to those we encounter in war? Not so much. We would love for you to become XMERCILESSX. Please join us! Hawk


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