Xp adjustments after the new 4.0 update

I read through some of the technical jargon about the after affects of the roll out of the 4.0 update. It is interesting that the flak cannons will have more hit power. Does this mean that the XP levels will adjust as well?

No. And it will only increase after level 50. Else the power is halved.

It is debatable whether your flak is as good as an archer tower now

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Late game it’s way better than archer.

Well 5 years from now I guess I can dust it off and that does not take into account attack speed.


Undefended. Defended is another story

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? Explain?

Here should be the image:

Defended both towers are likely to be supershot 99% of the time.

Undefended (AI supershot is not dependable) is considerably less damage. Although it’s dps was increased at higher levels. (This should make undefended bases stronger)

The net result of a defended base is that its arguably less useful than an archer vs anything with elemental barrier.

I’d like to know if that chart is based on DPS or per shot. As all of the flak’s damage is done in one hit while the archer supershot just buffs that one shot, so on a DPS basis the archer supershot increase will not be as much as a flak super.

Anyway all this stuff is just talk - let’s see how the towers actually perform then they change.

It has to be DPS, else it’s a useless graph. But yes let’s wait and see before more people proceed to lose their minds

Seems like it might be single supershot damage?

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