Xp base for level 361

I search the forums but can’t find anything recent. Can anyone suggest a xp base for a non-atlas player. PGCheetah has disappeared. It was the only one I knew of that I could do.


XP-Beannie should be what you need :wink:

I’m available :heart: Just PM Empress in game


NVM. THe information for searching for a team is not included in the original post of that thread. The NPC bases are on a team called OfficialXpFarm.

Of course Empress has noted their team that offers a great selection and has served this community well. Xpfarmsloosex1.


Search Xpfarmsloosex1


You r back on XP farm? I thought you quit being xp farm base and started playing normal game again not long ago

Health isn’t doing so good again. Not on the farm again but a farm :heart:

Thank you for your service Empress :two_hearts:
I hope and pray for your health to improve ASAP :pray:


Thanks! I will have to try Beanie base again. :blush:

The OP is asking for help and you’re going to give straight up bad info and the only inclination of it’s a joke is :wink:? That’s messed up

If Empress is back try her, feel better soon.
Beannie, regular not xp-, has up’d their game too, but unsure of how high either goes as a max XP base as I am only a 262.

Thanks you. I will PM you later today

At my level, I need almost 1M xp per dragon, so finding a base that gives me is hard as they are around 3-4B defense. My normal dragons can’t do that, so trying to train a baby is hard

Being without Atlas and their invader at only 262 I understand what you mean. Those two are the best that I know of.

I have found that sometimes 100% on none max is more than 50% of max. As in sometimes it’s better to do a lesser base with a :baby: :dragon: to get higher XP than splitting max XP with a second dragon on a higher base.

Getting help of course is always great too.

I have a list that I’ve thrown around Line a bit but it’s a little out of date because of stuff.

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DreadedPicka. They’re teamless, so just send mail.

It’ll last you a long time and (IMHO) better xp than Beannie.


That’s a 493 with 4.64 Bil defense and level 81 dark flak, 79 ice and fire flak kill.

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