Xp bases 312 gone this not sustituye it


Please this is not substitute of the 312 It is not an Xp farm


I hope that no one would believe that… considering you are a leader of a Saph team.


Probably not the best idea to post that if you’re looking to have less attackers. Just sayin’.


Then improve your base…if it’s that bad (no offense meant)


321 with 8 mil medals :sob:


This an alternate account


:flushed: god damn


That’s an alt and you only put lvl 41 towers everywhere? Would think if it’s an alt you’d know how to make the base a little better :grimacing:


That is a matter of opinion :joy: i like it long


I like my xp bases long :joy:


Can’t hit bottom but sure can mess up the sides.



alt account with neptus?

i think i need a alt aswell to collect the mythic divines then


What button?


Yes with Neptus among others


Some have money, others have to use their brains and be efficient in their accounts to get ahead.

Either way OP, sounds like some one is jealous of the amount of money you spend in game, I’m suspecting the other threads about your accounts may have helped


Which ones?


These ones where you accuse people of being cheaters and hackers


Well with complete attack power of 400 what can you think :thinking: for 79% not possible


I am NOT here to discuss the merits or faults of your other threads. That is simply a round circle argument with you because you have already proven that you have a set opinion and not willing to listen to others.

What i’m stating, is that since you are so accusational when your shitty base gets blown away by dragons, that the people you accuse and their friends/team are going to try and cause havoc for you and/or your team by trying to get others to farm you for fun.


bottom, not button.

NVM I was trying to be funny and slightly inappropriate to your “I like it long” comment.