Xp bases 312 gone this not sustituye it


I am willing to hear it with evidence as i do and in any case i am not en hit but send me a message of that my base was an Xp farm


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You really just gave all of us a new xp base after showing us how easy yours is :woman_shrugging:t3:


Prime example as to your base being horrible is your are almost 100 levels ahead of me and only 80 mil defense higher. … I’m level 227with 121 mil and I think @Coach was even higher then that at a lower level if I’m not mistaken…


Carry on


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How am i doing @Kappatain? Lol


If it is easer then is not Xp that is the point


? Me perdí


The definition of an XP base is a base that is designed to be the EASIEST IT CAN BE while giving the MOST XP POSSIBLE.

Long bases give more XP then short bases
Equally leveled towers give more XP and are easier to defeat

I’m not sure what else to say really, the only thing your base has that is different is mage towers where they typically aren’t present in XP bases since they give no XP for killing them




I understand more points, but as well Xp means experience, need in worst conditions how to fly your :dragon:


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