XP bug with mythic empyrean lineage dragons

Occurs on all three. A sudden doubling of XP required. I’m told it drips to 117m the next level.

I think someone fat fingered a 2 instead of a 1 for that value on the xp table.

This should be fixed ASAP as people have to earn double the zip due to this bug.

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Not a bug, it is the right amount of xp needed to level up. Happened the same to me, sent a ticket and got that answer.

Definitely a bug. Xp should progress smoothly, not have huge spikes. That’s how every other xp based game has done it for decades.

It’s either a design bug or a programming bug.

Zendesk doesn’t always get it right. No harm in asking PG directly here.

It goes down to 117M at next level again.

And last level is 147M. So 227M doesnt make sense imo.


Which is why it’s just plain wrong!


Its for sure an error. Its right the table says so, but the table should be fixed.


I have the same problem…of course customer service thinks the 50% XP discount during breeding confused me. So I just gave up.:man_shrugging:t2:

Glad I don’t have their job.

I would like to work for Zendesk at least part time. I would adapt all of my answers from fortune cookies and hope that some of my best of the best answers got posted here…


:joy: lol. I feel your frustrations. Just remember they are human and probably don’t intentionally try to frustrate us. Hang in there!

Yeah, that doesn’t look right at all. This is for Seraph:

Level XP
36 104,250,412
37 106,856,667
38 109,528,080
39 227,339,212
40 117,949,750
41 120,898,490



I had the exact same thing and support answered it is normal.
Well, I had half of that amount because I maxed it during the breeding event… but it was 100M+ XP vs 56M I had before.

Not a bug already asked about it! I find it dumb

Never a response tho :unamused:

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I guess that technically no, it’s not a bug but a coding error. However, doesn’t make it the correct value for that one level. @ConfusedKate 's numbers prove that

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As i thought that to but no response which is bs to i think someone didnt have coffee amd double tapped the 2. Instead of 11

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or just very large fingers…

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Ill go with coffee large fingers it would be a larger number lol

Nah it’s double what it should be not 22->11

117 is too close to 118 in the scaling

Should be 113,500 (or rounded version of it)


Have no idea how they doing i know they need to respond cuz that sucked even on halv xp