Xp changes after update?!

Hi! I noticed that i got no xp when i only reach 4 % of Andyk xp base… before 2 days i got max xp!! I am lvl 139 atm.

Probably because Andy upgrades his tower?

depends on what building you destroyed.

I kill 2 towers with ember and swap to do xp runs… minimum 5 % to get xp? Now with 4 % i got 0 xp

You have to get 5% to get xp. This was instated to prevent Little’s pestering bigs.


Ok thx… can i kill 2 towers with one shot on 1st island?

I thought it was 3%?

Probably it’s increased by the last update… :thinking:

I think that it could be that Andy has boosts going since it’s PVP thus you need to kill more towers to get to 5%


It’s been 5% for a long, long time.


I feel old now. Thank you. :woman_facepalming:

Ok thx for the answer

Right left middle right left with ember and you should be able to get max for around 200 something I believe, so no need to penny pinch with 4%


Can you send a picture or post a clip of this?

Won’t allow me to upload a video directly here but it’s really simple.

Lazy so I uploaded an old video but concept still stands, just kill the base front to back. Some people mess up by going for the middle one second and get blasted.

What you posted doesn’t match with your video…

As stated you must have 5 percent of a base to get any xp. This was started over a year ago.

First two and last two doesn’t matter, just hit front to back in any order

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