XP cost of current seasonals vs last

Not sure if anyone has pointed it out yet, but seasonal divines this season cost more XP to level vs last.

Necryx 1 to 55: 233.9M XP
Avyx 1 to 55: 250.6M XP


So it looks like from level 17 to 46, Avyx requires much more XP vs Necryx to level up. What’s the rationale for this?

Thanks to @forscience for the data in her wonderful calculator workbook

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They’re from Sandberg’s site (older stuff from Amoeba’s) :smiley:

This season also changed the trend with leveling, evolving, feeding, etc. :scream: - probably to make people work harder for strong dragons.

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Indeed, these divines are stronger then the last, so I would assume u need to do a bit more.

They are stronger, but at most den levels are one dragon level behind previous seasons so overall weaker.
Chimerak gets his earthquake when I hit base level 70.
Avyx gets healing mark when I hit level 77.

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Myself, I’m glad they are trying to control these dragons a bit better. They have been too powerful too fast especially at lower levels


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