XP Deficit Base

I’m level 380, and my Base is 2.4B boosted. i would like to know if its good power for my level, and if i need to be more powerful for my level how should i create deficit without leveling up a lot?

What’s your gear like? That’s usually the biggest factor

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i still have the “defender” red shards rider maxed and 2 elite gears (1 level 5 and 1 level 1) and the rest is still legendary (between lvl 3 and 4)

That’s my base.

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If you get all elite gear and start leveling it up, it makes a huge difference


noted, my goal is to have a 20B DP base at lvl 500 so ill wait and see thank you :slight_smile:


To go along with what ruru said, I would try to be crafting constantly for the rest of the elite pieces you need and stop leveling the legendary gear. Best to only level the elite gear during the crafting event in atlas, and then just craft as much as you can between events. I’d also recommend crafting different pieces and never the same piece back to back because I’ve had two elites drop back to back more then once.
Also just to make sure, never claim elite gear from the atlas branches, always take the 500k shards instead. It’s cheaper to craft them and also leaves shards for leveling gear. Finally if you aren’t completing full branches in atlas yet, I’d go for the first two lines of the four elite branches for the shards.
Good luck:)


Not a good param to compare I believe.
Try tower level instead.


Your towers are way behind, iirc should have level 72 towers at your level. That’s something like half the HP/Atk they should have.


Thank you for your help :slight_smile: im already crafting lots of gears and finishing atlas lines. i will go for the shards instead of the gear.

yes i know im behind, i was imbalanced for a while and now im trying to get it together, i will need to create an XP deficit so i dont level up while upgrading my towers. any idea on whats the most efficient way to do it?

If you want to do that just merge towers you have built that you no longer plan on using in future like a cannon tower or lighting tower. I did that when swapping in flaks and jumped crazy power and took me a bit to catch back up to leveling. Advise only merging 1-2 towers per level. But you do whatever makes you happy :smiley:

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I dont have any spare tower :confused: should i build one and than merge it?

One thing that helped me was moving my farms and mills to the short island and having all 10 defensive towers on islands 1 and 2 (the long island in the back near your home island). Focus on maxing out the towers on island 1 instead of leveling all 10 equally. A long kill island with at least the back towers maxed for your level is much harder to beat compared to your current setup.

(edited for correct island numbers)


You mean islands 1 and 2?


Bad idea, unless you merge those you won’t need anymore.
If I were you, I’d keep 10 maxed each time, especially since at certain tiers, you’re forced to have 10+ to progress.

If you haven’t yet definitely check out wd.neon-wonderland.com , it’s the best source of info for wd and has a lot of info on merging and transforming towers. There’s even a tool for helping figure out the the most efficient ways to merge towers.
Not sure I’d worry about holding yourself back though, as long as you focus your upgrades now you should be alright. I’d also recommend utilizing islands 1 and 2 for your kill island. Anymore slowing an attacker down is more important then trying to kill them, especially before endgame since someone can always hit down, so you want 70% to be as close to island 1 as possible.

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I meant 1 and 2, the long island in the back near the home island. I’ve seen some players refer to the home island (castle, dragons den, etc) as #1 with #2 as the first island where defensive towers can be built. Looking through the base building guides here now, they all refer to island #1 as being the first place where defensive towers can be built.

Yep im always checking neon for both breeding and fort :slight_smile: Thank you!

Oh okay! ill see what i will do next fort event and will let you know of how it works out :slight_smile: