XP events! Will the make a comeback?

Hoping to be heard with my cries for this event to make a comeback so anyone interested please feel free to comment but I’m hoping to be heard on the subject of bringing back the xp events. These events would help our teams grow and lower levels to catch up and be given more of a chance to possibly get further in seasons and prizes hat like the feeding breeding and fortification events. I understand this subject has been a bit taboo but just wanting to see who all is interested and hoping maybe pg will hear us little dragon tamers.

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What is an XP event?

You get points for earning XP.

I loved the XP event (especially with free heals), but there was a lot of Wendy whiners about what the “fair” way to do points was. I think XP should be tied to Feeding.


Xp events were mainly events where you rallied enough points through xp earned per dragon. Of course the event was rallied more towards certain levels which I’m guessing is the reason they did away with it hence it would cause more work on pg to single out every single level with certain rewards.

Yeah well I can get why it would suck to be a lower level on an event that you need to get XP to earn points - I mean you’ll need to do 100 runs to get the same XP as a high level for one run! :man_shrugging:

Maybe I would have been one! :rofl:


Sounds fine since I grind my buns off but would take me an hour to do what someone else can do in 2 minutes so the rewards would be weird and probably garner some “Wendys”

The whole thing is that higher levels have higher XP for a reason and there was the discussion of “give us a reason to level up”. Also keep in mind max XP is like at 186 I believe.

They changed the XP event later so that I basically would get 1 point on my mini and 2 points on my main.

They simply couldn’t find the balance.

EDIT: I was a Wendy too by the way. Most people were for different reasons.

Well again a lot of people complained on the fact that the points to gain rewards were deemed unfair so maybe this can be revamped into a way that it would be considered fair? I mean free heals and unlimited runs would help further the aspect of the game. There are far to many “power level” accounts where the dragons are completely under leveled. All the events in War Dragons cover a certain aspect of the game virtually covering everything we should all focus… all but one. XP

They should just award points based on % of your max xp earned per run.

So if you max xp is 10k, and you earn 10k, that’s 100 points. If you earn 7k only thats 70 points. Easy balance - fair for everyone - I’m surprised this wasn’t the path they took?

Any issues with this method?

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Couldn’t have come up with a better solution. Maybe instead of having certain xp for 40 & 70% give a percentage for every 10% for just the event rallying more people to participate with 100% and 200% bonus’s as your chests with heals?

For sure I get it. The idea in itself is incredible to me as somebody who just scored 1.5mil at level 90 in the feed event (aka had way too many idiot dragons being run for no real reason other than enjoying the game). The idea of it screams the perfect event for me, I just don’t know what I’d do to balance the rewards. And for sure higher level players should earn more for leveling a high tier dragon than I did for leveling munin, nix, karna, urd, yersinu, and caladbolg in the feed event lol.

Again the idea itself I love, I just don’t know how to make it work unless it’s just crazy high rewards for all.

I see Grumpaluffagus post as I’m typing this, that’s better than any idea I’ve been trying to come up with.

Well my main point is there are many ways to tackle this more than just to throw it out and never revisit. We all want to see everyone progress together. This makes the game more competitive and challenging while making it enjoyable and helping all those reap the rewards.

For sure man. I didn’t mean to sound like I was against it, as I said sounds like the perfect event for me (but that’s assuming I can actually score points in it lol).

Yes bring it back!!! They won’t though as there was no money in it.

But there can be. As I said before increased 100% and 200% boost don’t do free heals and increase heals in chests and maybe bring in something new such as idk a promotional boost of 500%(event only)?

To say that there is no common balance and completely throw out an event that centers around one of the most important aspects of the game due to “wendy’s“ is pure laziness

How about awarding points based on how many times you level your drags? Low lvl players can lvl lower drags for roughly the same amount of runs as high lvl player for higher lvl drags. And since you have to feed them, its kinda tied into a feeding style event.

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Best part of XP Event was the free heals, you want to make us pay for them so that PG brings the event back :thinking: and you still see this as a way to help low levels catch up :joy::rofl::joy::rofl::joy:

Guess I’ll be a Wendy then :woman_shrugging::woman_facepalming:

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It was just an idea for promotional purposes not necessarily saying that is what I want. The point of an xp event was not for the free heals tho it was simply to focus xp seeing it was an important aspect of the game. And many people now seem to be forgetting that

:dragon: just hoping for the support needed to kick this off