Xp farms around the 339 level

What’s the best Xp farm to replace WhatsThe Fox Level 339, now it’s no longer available? I have the 321 but with the mages it’s a bit to tough
Would love some feed back please

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Try xkhalx on myxpfarm

It is a pity that is not available not more :cry:

Do you know , what the next event??j

What team are those two xp bases on?

I am curious, what team are those two xp bases are on.

Building then pvp then breeding… myxpfarm is khal idk about the other

Fortification, then King of the Hill, then it’s likely going to be breeding again.


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:pensive: R.I.P. wtf … oh one of my guys found a floating 389 xp base farmxpfarm



This Farm is good, L 338, easy to solo with one dragon unboosted.


I had the Farmxpfarm base but the bookmark was deleted. Looks like it’s name changed. Anyone know what the new name is?

I do not see it with that name neither

Use the Invader base

In which team?

Not all of us are among the blessed few who have Atlas, Panda :sweat_smile:

Damnit farmxpfarm has been deleted he was just there earlier today grrrrrrr new name stk9

Ok the xp Farm just run to a different team, this is the new one:

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:joy: you trolling airforce?

it doesnt seem like a xp base to me