Xp farms please help

Salang fn ruined his base for xp runs
Can someone please guide me to a doable xp farm of equal xp?

He is upgrading the base to match with the new xp increase

The Balistas are fn screwing me over

Same issue
Can’t finish anymore

What level are you guys?

Oh, for steal essence?

I finish just fine :hugs:

He “ruined” his own base? Talk about entitlement…


“Ruined his base” :rofl:… and here I thought he was doing this to help us out​:relieved::nerd_face::face_with_monocle::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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While I feel for you on the front of needing a new base, as I know there is a lack of stepping stones under that level, he is infact helping a great many people. If changing those trebuchets to ballistas is ruining your run, you probably were benefitting beyond what was intended, and should be thankful for all that it has done for you.

wardragons.info maintains an xp base list. No clue If any will help you.

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Lol ruined his base…I still can finish it no problemo (Spanish lol) with Rizar. Ballista gives me, wind wall which protects me from those archers. :sunglasses:

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168 and 148

Yah keeps burning me down running hunters

Mech’s guide is great! For those of us still without Atlas, is there a base to use (other than the 503) after Fox is no longer max?

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