Xp follow vs lead question

Very sorry if i havent done this properly-first time poster and didnt see a thread on this subject. Read this back in the day when i first started playing: Important: if you join someone else’s run with your leveling dragon and are the second attacker, the game caps your xp at 75% of your max-xp, no matter the base level, so the LEVELING DRAGON MUST LEAD THE ATTACK. Many players don’t understand this, and assume if they follow an advanced player on a high level base they will get their max xp, but this is not the case.

Question: is this still the case now? I have a lvl 220 following a lvl 390, saying he gets max. How is this possible? Can someone please clarify because Im very confused.

That person is just wrong. Pure and simple.


I’m not clear on what’s from the “back in the day” vs your own comments.

If you have a dragon that you want to get leveled ASAP, you’ll always want to lead the attack for your multis with a follow who can safely clear, so that you don’t need to use a second dragon of yours. Otherwise, as a follow, you’ll get the minimum of either 75% of your max or 75% of the lead’s max (e.g. follow a lower level/lead doesn’t get max XP).

“Back in the day” meaning to help understand the game better i researched how things worked, different strategies for the game, etc. and came across that piece about xp.

Thank you very much the the confirmation you two :hugs:. Not sure how I will explain to my teammates though.

I have occasionally gotten more than expected for follower XP, including once when I was sure I got more than my max XP as a follower, but other times when I thought I got more than 75%. This would have been back when my max XP was 2-3k.

My suspicion was that it worked a little like the ally XP bonus, with extra bonus maybe possible when you’re very low level, or when you’re using a dragon from a lower-than-expected tier.

2 screenshot should be enough to compare and explain to Mr.WhohasProbleminUnderstanding.

First - Person A lead, B back and 2nd - B lead, A back.

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