Xp gained by tower level


I think there is a problem with the xp earned when one up a tower.

From levels 60 (maybe before), building a tower can earn 106k.

With the arrival of 80-85 level towers, it is still 106k with a much larger construction time than tower 60.

To have the last dragon at the max level, it will be necessary to be in the levels 470 …

At 497, you need 600k-700k for a level!

It makes sense to take levels, to have more xp.

But it would also be logical for a tower 85 to yield more xp than a tower 60.

Well it’s my opinion…

The construction time of an 85 tower is the same time (57 days) as a level 66 tower (>66 towers have tier based time reduction and a 60 tower has 52 days as a result).


But not the xp won. Always 106k

Yes, Bc the time doesn’t increase.

Like, from levels 53-85, they were all the same time of 57 days and gave 106k xp.

Then the build times from 51-66 were reduced as a part of the tier based discounting.

So, are you wanting the xp gained from tower levels that have their times reduced (EW), or are you wanting the build times from the higher level towers to be increased and give more xp as they are increased (also EW).

This was PG’s response when this was brought up in the past:

Thank you for the link.

My problem: I am 497, for my next level, I need more than 600 k xp so 6 constructions has more than 65.

During the wood events, I make 8.5M points.

When pg comes out of dragons, to put them to the max, it takes about 20-30 more levels compared to the previous tier.

If it’s like that, I’ll have to make 16M points to all the wood events in order to have the next tier :joy::joy::joy:

So… the problem is that you’re getting more points for spending the same timers?

I understand the answer of pg … but while they reduce the criteria to put the new dragons to the max … I do not ask the facility … it’s a game … and we must not have everything for free … but making good wood events at 8.5M which allows me to win 4 level … and since it will take more and more xp, in a few months, I would not get to have the new dragons. however, I play a lot, I make good scores at all events (I am often in the top 1000) and I buy packs. and yet, I feel like I’m not moving forward … and even less so when I look at what’s needed for new dragons. " I’m really the only one thinking that?

Sounds like what you actually have a problem with is the xp needed for player level, rather than the actual xp given by tower.

yes … but there are only the towers that can win levels lol. but indeed, I find that there is a problem between how to earn xp for his level and the criteria for pg concerning dragons …

I’m sure a lot of people are discouraged by the cost needed to progress between Vang & Emp & Abyssal.

I suspect they produce dragons at a fairly constant rate and this is their chosen cost-of-dragon-tiers balance point between endgamers being bored with nothing to do and getting discouraged at lack of progress and cost just to keep up. :woman_shrugging: If it doesn’t work well for them maybe they’ll eventually be convinced to change it.

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