Xp is not right

I just noticed the XP given is incorrect. I already made a ticket but wanting to know if others have same issue?

Max XP is 465k

Solo Ember gets more than max

Morthil is with a helper Ember from a teammate and gets less than max when 67% completion has given me max much less 77%.

Were you leading or following? Were the exact same towers destroyed? Farms and mills don’t give xp for example. It depends on the type of towers not just percentage of the base destroyed.

Says underneath the pictures

Yes, that’s how I got same %

Wouldn’t explain more than max anyways.

Obvious stuff: which 77% you killed matters. Farms, mills, and i think mages count toward completion percentage but do not give xp.

If you don’t kill all the xp-giving stuff you won’t get the max xp unless you kill enough to hit your level xp cap.

I’ve definitely seen more than max xp before unexplained by any known modifiers. Think it applies to low tier dragons, so itd be interesting to see if you get the same result if you kill the same towers with bolt or enki.

Rune? Rider? Won’t be fair to decide everything before giving all necessary information.

Also, how about another runs with exact same dragons, base, and flying method?

No XP’s for either

How about repeating runs with same dragons?

Only difference in any pictures is not taking out some rss huts, all other towers the same.

:point_up_2:that pic is a repeat of Ember solo, not the same pic as the % are different as you can see.

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