XP “locked” to non-expert dragons

What about an option to pull XP off of dragons, such as divines you can no longer evolve (I.e. you don’t have stones to raise it further) Right now, I have a half dozen of dragons with MILLIONS of XP that is just sitting there “wasted” because I cannot level them further due to not having stones for them.

Transfering XP is so hideously expensive it’s hardly relevant though… I don’t think running out of xp to transfer has ever been anyone’s limitation, running out of credit cards to max tends to come sooner.


your correct about this you still need to support your own living.

I wish that evolvable dragons who cannot be leveled further due to lack of stones would stop giving that stupid ! notification that says a dragon can be leveled.


This, I can get behind. Stop showing un-evolvable dragons with the same xp bar as dragons you can actually feed and level up!


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